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Our subsidiary OzoneBC specializes in removing horrible odours from houses, autos, trucks, sports equipment etc.  We do a spectacular job with Recreational Vehicles and Buses!!   A winter  under a trap for an RV can be brutal and we can rid you of musty odours.

Our industrial state of the art ozone generator produces huge amounts of ozone and can completely rid a confined area such as a house of ethnic cooking smells, cigarette smoke stink, musty odours etc.

We turn hotel and motel smoking rooms into non-smoking rooms and can remove years of smoking from an automobile turning it into a non-smoker!! And for a reasonable price!

Being one of the world's most powerful oxidants, ozone accomplishes these tasks efficiently while leaving no residuals. Having the ability to eradicate an extensive list of viruses and bacteria, ozone has proven itself to be the most beneficial green technology available.

Odour Destruction with ozone is one of the best uses for ozone in the market today. Millions of people enjoy odour free homes and apartments due to the safe use of ozone!

More Odour = More Ozone Required

When ozone makes contact with the odour molecule, the odour is destroyed, but so is the ozone molecule. Stronger odours mean more odour molecules present - therefore more ozone is also needed.

Ozone Readily Destroys the Following Odours:

  • Smoke odour
  • Pet odour
  • Urine odour
  • Cooking odours
  • Musty Mould odours 
  • Skunk odours -- Yes, ozone is powerful enough to destroy skunk odor!
  • Faecal odours

Ozone does not mask odours - It destroys them!


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