Seniors' Handyman Services -

  • Growing older, seniors often experience changes that subtly disrupt ability to perform regular tasks independently. Such changes sometimes make elders more susceptible to falls in the home. Our goal is to help keep seniors in their home with our remodelling services which will help to reduce these disruptions and get you back to safe and independent living.
  • By implementing universal design elements in bathrooms, kitchens and through the house, we can help you transform your home into a living space that functions efficiently for all ages and conditions. Let us perform our free assessment of your home to uncover risks you might be facing and provide cost-effective solutions.


  • We provide highly skilled carpenters that can help you with any of your woodworking projects. Our quality, hand-craftsmanship carpenters will leave any room in your home looking beautiful while adding value to your home. Whether your carpentry project consists of: trim work, interior doors, crown mouldings, baseboards, casings, chair rails, stair cases, fireplace and/or mantle installation, custom bookcases, siding, windows, room additions, framing, decks, fences, patios, or other carpentry home improvements, contact Better Under Pressure Services Inc. and get connected to our highly skilled carpenters.

Kitchens  and Baths- 

  • Kitchen re-modeling - Firstly, if your old cabinets are unwanted we donate them to Canada Habitat for Humanity. The bonus is that their volunteers will remove the old cabinets and take them away saving you demolition costs.
  • Ergonomics - Our designer will work with you to make your new kitchen an absolutely efficient dream kitchen. We know how to make your new kitchen have efficient work space and ergonomics.  What good kitchen designers aim for in applying ergonomics to a kitchen is a flexible, adaptable space in which work can be done with minimum wasted motion and maximum efficiency.  We design a kitchen where you'll spend less energy and time bending, walking, twisting, lifting and cleaning, and you'll have more of more energy and time left for cooking and enjoying. As early as the 1930's studies showed that merely implementing the basic kitchen to properly locate the major work centres reduced the labour required to prepare and clean up after meals by as much as 70%.
  • Adaptability- This simply means that the space can be used comfortably and efficiently by different users with differing capabilities. Are you tall, short? How far can you reach? If you cannot comfortably reach upper cabinets, then you do not want to store most frequently used items there. If you cannot bend to reach lower cabinets, extensive pull-outs may be a good option in your kitchen. Your eyesight is a major factor in planning illumination.   Studies have shown that a person in his or her 50's with good eyesight still needs 100% more light to read by than that same person in his or her 20's.
  • Bathroom Remodeling such as new showers and cabinets.